Instagram Influencer Marketing Dataset

This dataset contains 33,935 Instagram influencers who are classified into the following nine categories including beauty, family, fashion, fitness, food, interior, pet, travel, and other. We collect 300 posts per influencer so that there are 10,180,500 Instagram posts in the dataset. The dataset includes two types of files, post metadata and image files. Post metadata files are in JSON format and contain the following information: caption, usertags, hashtags, timestamp, sponsorship, likes, comments, etc. Image files are in JPEG format and the dataset contains 12,933,406 image files since a post can have more than one image file. If a post has only one image file then the JSON file and the corresponding image files have the same name. However, if a post has more than one image then the JSON file and corresponding image files have different names. Therefore, we also provide a JSON-Image_mapping file that shows a list of image files that corresponds to post metadata.

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