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Crowdsourced air traffic data from The OpenSky Network 2020

Publication Date: 2022
Creators: Olive, Xavier; Strohmeier, Martin; Lübbe, Jannis

The data in this dataset is derived and cleaned from the full OpenSky dataset to illustrate the development of air traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic. It spans all flights seen by the network’s more than 2500 members since 1 January 2019. More data will be periodically included in the dataset until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

O Say Can You See: Early Washington, D.C., Law and Family Project

Publication Date: 2024
Creators: O Say Can You See Project

This site documents the challenge to slavery and the quest for freedom in early Washington, D.C., by collecting, digitizing, making accessible, and analyzing freedom suits filed between 1800 and 1862,as well as tracing the multigenerational family networks they reveal.

U.S.-Mexico Border Surveillance Data

Publication Date: 2024
Creators: Electronic Frontier Foundaton (EFF)

This dataset includes the locations of Customs & Border Patrol surveillance towers, proposed tower locations, and automated license plate readers. There is an accompanying blog post and map.

AudioSet dataset

Publication Date: 2017
Creators: Google

AudioSet consists of an expanding ontology of 632 audio event classes and a collection of 2,084,320 human-labeled 10-second sound clips drawn from YouTube videos. The ontology is specified as a hierarchical graph of event categories, covering a wide range of human and animal sounds, musical instruments and genres, and common everyday environmental sounds.


Publication Date: 2022
Creators: Yemen Data Project

The dataset lists the date of incident, geographical location, type of target, target category and sub-category, and, where known, time of day. Each incident indicates a stated number of air raids, which in turn may comprise multiple air strikes. It is not possible to generate an average number of air strikes per air raid as these vary greatly, from a couple of airstrikes up to several dozen per air-raid. YDP’s dataset records the unverified numbers of individual air strikes that constitute a recorded single air raid.

List of Dirty, Naughty, Obscene, and Otherwise Bad Words

Publication Date: 2019
Creators: Shutterstock

With millions of images in our library and billions of user-submitted keywords, we work hard at Shutterstock to make sure that bad words don’t show up in places they shouldn’t. This repo contains a list of words that we use to filter results from our autocomplete server and recommendation engine.

News Homepage Archive

Publication Date: 2019
Creators: Jones, Nick

This project aims to provide a visual representation of how different media organizations cover various topics. Screenshots of the homepages of five different news organizations are taken once per hour, and made public thereafter.Screenshots are available at every hour starting from January 1, 2019. Currently, the only websites being tracked are:;;;;;

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