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Publication Date: 2023
Creators: Research Data Centre of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

Central African Republic: Displacement Data - Baseline Assessment

Publication Date: 2024
Creators: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

This Data is about IDP, returnees from CAR (previous IDP) and returnees from other countries repartition by origin and period of displacement and between 2013 and the date of assessment. Evaluation has been run in 6 prefectures (admin1), 16 sub-prefectures (admin2) and 367 localities.

Africapolis data

Publication Date: 2022
Creators: OECD; SWAC

Africapolis has been designed to provide a much needed standardised and geospatial database on urbanisation dynamics in Africa, with the aim of making urban data in Africa comparable across countries and across time. This version of Africapolis is the first time that the data for the 54 countries currently covered are available for the same base year — 2015. In addition, Africapolis closes one major data gap by integrating 7,496 small towns and intermediary cities between 10,000 and 300,000 inhabitants. Africapolis data is based on a large inventory of housing and population censuses, electoral registers and other official population sources, in some cases dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Computer generated building footprints for the United States

Publication Date: 2018
Creators: Microsoft Bing Maps Team

Microsoft Maps is releasing country wide open building footprints datasets in United States. This dataset contains 129,591,852 computer generated building footprints derived using our computer vision algorithms on satellite imagery. This data is freely available for download and use.

CO2 emissions and ancillary data for 343 cities from diverse sources

Publication Date: 2019
Creators: Nangini, Cathy; Peregon Anna; Ciais, Philippe; Weddige, Ulf; Vogel, Felix; Wang, Jun; Bréon, François-Marie; Bachra, Simeran; Wang, Yilong; Gurney, Kevin; Yamagata, Yoshiki; Appleby, Kyra; Telahoun, Sara; Canadell, Josep G; Grübler, Arnulf; Dhakal, Shobhakar; Creutzig, Felix

A dataset of dimensions 343 × 179 consisting of CO2 emissions from CDP (187 cities, few in developing countries), the Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting (73 cities, mainly in developing countries), and data collected by Peking University (83 cities in China). Further, a set of socio-economic variables – called ancillary data – were collected from other datasets (e.g. socio-economic and traffic indices) or calculated (climate indices, urban area expansion), then combined with the emission data. The remaining attributes are descriptive (e.g. city name, country, etc.) or related to quality assurance/control checks. Please open using Tab as separator and ” as text delimiter.

Facebook Privacy-Protected Full URLs Data Set

Publication Date: 2020
Creators: Messing, Solomon; DeGregorio, Christina; Hillenbrand, Bennett; King, Gary; Mahanti, Saurav; Mukerjee, Zagreb; Nayak, Chaya; Persily, Nate; State, Bogdan; Wilkins, Arjun

This is a codebook for data on the demographics of people who viewed, shared, and otherwise interacted with web pages (URLs) shared on Facebook, between January 1, 2017 and October 31, 2022. The data has about 68 million URLs, over 3.1 trillion rows, and over 71 trillion cell values. It results from a collaboration between Facebook and Social Science One (at IQSS at Harvard), originally prepared for Social Science One grantees and describes the “full” URLs dataset, including its scope, structure, and fields. This is version 10 of the codebook and data (released 4/13/2023), first described by Gary King and Nathaniel Persily at

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