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Super Bowl Ads

Publication Date: 2021
Creators: Superbowl Ads; FiveThirtyEight

contains a list of ads from the 10 brands that had the most advertisements in Super Bowls from 2000 to 2020, according to data from, with matching videos found on YouTube.

The Upworthy Research Archive

Publication Date: 2019
Creators: The Upworthy Research Archive

The Upworthy Research Archive is an open dataset of thousands of A/B tests of headlines conducted by Upworthy from January 2013 to April 2015. This repository includes the full data from the archive.

Snap Political Ads Library

Publication Date: 2024
Creators: Snapchat

The Political and Advocacy Ads Library is an important step in our efforts to increase the level of transparency around political and issue advertising on Snapchat. All political, issue, and advocacy ads are publicly available, along with relevant information on impressions, spend, and paying entities.

Facebook Ad Library

Publication Date: 2019
Creators: Franklin Fowler, Erika; Franz, Mike; King, Gary; Martin, Greg; Mukerjee, Zagreb; Persily, Nate

The Ad Library API provides programmatic access to the Facebook Ad Library, a collection of all political advertisements run on Facebook and Instagram since May 2018 in the US, and for other dates in different countries. The codebook describes the scope, structure, and fields of these data.

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